The BOYD service and financing partner

Who is The Rent Company?
  • The Rent Company based in the Netherlands, is a fast growing full-service laptop supplier for education.
  • The Rent Company is trend setting, with currently > 155.000 students as active customer, studying at 400 secondary schools in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The Rent Company offers schools and students one strong and simple full service Proposition: Easy4u.
  • Easy4u is a laptop subscription model, available for purchase and rental. It makes digital education accessible and affordable to everyone.
  • In this Easy4u subscription model The Rent Company fulfills all the needs for students, parents and schools in one package, containing of:
    • a ruggedized, reliable laptop
    • first-class service
    • a customizable webshop
    • personalised and tailor-made configuration
    • ready to use delivery of the laptop
    • loaner laptops at every school
    • accidential damage insurance and financing
  • Complete communication, ordering, production, repair and invoicing is offered in the Easy4u platform with only 1 point of contact.

Substitute laptop during repair

Buy or rent

Deliveries to school and on-site support

Cover for damage and theft

One central point of contact

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