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Parents of secondary school pupils

You son or daughter is going to secondary school, quite a step!
The school employs digital education, we have the ultimate solution for this: a laptop via the Easy4u subscription!

What are the benefits of Easy4u?

  • The laptops are extra-robust and have been specially developed for the education sector. That way, your son or daughter always has the right laptop.
  • A laptop on loan is available for use at school during repairs.
  • You need not acquire any software packages yourself, a basic installation has already been installed on the laptop.
  • Accidental damage and theft insurance is included, so you need not arrange this additionally.
  • The laptops are supplied in a special protective cover.

All-in-1 subscription

Students and laptops? They are inextricably linked. Thanks to our full service provision via the Easy4u subscription, we make access to digital education easy and affordable.

Laptops on loan during repairs, super-fast service, a single point of contact for the school and the students, and accidental damage and theft insurance are included.

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